Let's do this! Coffees on us! (Contact form below)

Let's have a chat! Let us know a little about who you are, what your plans are and how we can help capture them for you! Drop us an email and we'll get back to you typically within 24-72 hours. We're sometimes off from emails for multi day shoots or traveling, but typically put a notice up on social media if there'll be a delay with responses.

We take bookings for specific dates on a first come first serve basis, whether it's to book a wedding day or a commercial shoot we can't play favourites. We secure bookings with a deposit for them to be confirmed. We often have multiple ongoing enquiries about the same day, and we are open and honest about this at the time where ever possible and have to offer it to the first couple/ client to secure their deposit payment.

In terms of collaborations and sponsorships, we're always open to hearing ideas and offers, but over the years we've accumulated mountains of gear that we rarely use, and feel they could be better suited elsewhere. We're always happy to run giveaways with our followers, and love working with brands to create some conceptual photography and commercials.

We value collaborations of creativity and of a typical business nature (We have mouths to feed!) so hit us up if you'd like to work with us, but we're currently only open to offers for paid work, and creative challenging jobs that offer more value than a free drone or backpack! We're always open to negotiations and when travels involved we'll usually jump at the opportunity at a reduced rate after travel. So let us know!